Introduction to Tax Deferred Exchange Services, Inc
Blended Use Property
Primary Residence Р121 Exemption
Delaware Statutory Trusts (DST)
Seller Carryback Financing
Reverse Exchange
Title Vesting / Marital Status
Final Letter
Partnerships & LLC’s
Acquisition Leg & Allowable Loan Costs
First Leg Closed in a Tax Deferred Exchange / 45 Day Letter
How to Calculate Exchange Value
Improvement Exchange
Tax Deferred Exchange Agreement
Personal Property Exchanges Are No Longer Legal
Value Exchanges vs. Profit Exchanges
“Boot” Explained
Vacation & Second Homes in Tax Deferred Exchanges
After Closing Last Property / End of File
How to Handle 45 Day Stress in a 1031
First Closing Documents in a Tax Deferred Exchange
Dealer Property in Tax Deferred Exchanges
Relative Party Tax Deferred Exchanges
Financing a Reverse Exchange