How can a Tax Deferred Exchange Benefit You?

Just what Exactly Does a Qualified Intermediary Do? What are Benefits? This Video Explains in Detail

You Own A Property That You Live In and is Also Used For Your Business or Investment

This is Called “Blended Property” and This Video Provides Strategies to Use An Exchange to Your Best Advantage

Your Primary Residence Has Special Rules

See How There is A Special Tax Exemption for The Sale of Your Residence That Actually Exempts Taxable Gain

Retiring? Looking to Acquire A Property Without “Tenants, Trash and Toilets”?

A Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) is A Way to Acquire A Replacement Property With No Management Headaches Whatsoever

Seller Carryback Financing

Yes, You Can Do a Tax Exchange While Still at Same Time Doing an Exchange…Learn How

Found the “To Die For” Property, but Have Not Yet Sold (or even Listed) the Sale Property…Reverse Exchange

This Video Explains in Detail A Legal Strategy Called A “Reverse Exchange”

Are You Married and Doing A Tax Deferred Exchange?

This Video Goes Over What Occurs if You Own Property That is not Owned Along With Your Spouse

At the End of Your Tax Deferred Exchange With Us?

No. We’re Not Done. This Video Explains What We Do In Order to Assist You in Preparing Your Tax Return for Your Exchange

Partnership and LLC Tax Deferred Exchanges

There are Special Rules and Traps if You Aren’t Prepared. Learn How.

Getting A Loan to Acquire A Property In Your Tax Deferred Exchange

You Need to Know That All Acquired Costs are Not Part of Your Exchange. This Video Explains All of it in Detail.

Are We Acting As Your Qualified Intermediary in Your Exchange?

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About What Happens at the Closing and How We Assist You During the 45 Days Afterward.

How Much Do I Need to Buy in A Tax Exchange?

The Most Common Question of Our Clients – Learn How to Calculate Exchange Value

Want to Buy a Property In An Exchange and Improve it in The Exchange?

You Can and This Video Will Tell You Exactly How…We Call Them Improvement Exchanges

What is An Exchange Account?

If You Are Doing A Tax Deferred Exchange Agreement, Learn All the “In’s” and “Out’s”

Personal Property Exchanges Are No Longer Legal

The 2017 Tax Act Eliminated Personal Property Exchange…See How It May Affect Your Exchange

Value Exchanges vs. Profit Exchanges

Many Believe That You Only Need to Reinvest Their Profits…Not True. Find Out About “Value” Exchanges

Want to Do An Exchange And Get Money to Boot?

This Video Will Show You When and How You Can Take Cash Without Disqualifying Your Exchange

Vacation & Second Homes in Tax Deferred Exchanges

Many Parties Wish to Acquire a Property to Live In. Yes, You Can. This Video Explains The Methods

Doing A Tax Deferred Exchange With Our Company?

This Video Explains What You Can Expect After you Close On Your Last Acquired Property and How Your Exchange File is Closed

How to Handle The Stress During The First 45 Days of Your Exchange

This Video Goes Over Strategies to Use When Looking for Replacement Properties

You Are About to Close On Your First Relinquished Property

This Video Explains the Closing Process of Your Relinquished Property From Start to Finish

Dealer Property in Tax Deferred Exchanges

Are You a Contractor? Are You a “Flipper”? You May Not Be Able To Do An Exchange…Find Out In This Video

Related Party Tax Deferred Exchanges

Doing An Exchange That Involves a Family Memmber or Closely Held Business Has Special Rules

Financing a Reverse Exchange

If You Have Viewed Our Other Reverse Exchange Video, This Video Focuses On Financing Your Reverse Exchange

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