Short Sales – Forms

Short Sale Game of Life Flyer

Sometimes a picture is worth a 1000 words. This is an easy to follow visual diagram of the Short Sale process with McFerran Law.

Short Sale Application Package

Just looking for the forms necessary to start your short sale with us? This is everything that you need. The package above is BOTH the information AND the application. This is significantly shorter than the package above with only about 30 pages.

Real Estate Brokers Information Package

This is designed especially for the Real Estate Brokers in Washington. It is packed with all of the information you need about short sales and our process. It even has a table of contents so you can get to the information you need quickly. It's clear and concise and about 30 pages for downloading.

Professional Service Agreement

The "Professional Services Agreement" will need to be turned in along with the "Short Sale Package" in order for us to begin work on a file. We are unique in that we are attorneys. You'd expect our agreement to be a bit longer wouldn't you? We want to make certain that there are no misunderstandings and that as a real estate professional, your license is protected.

Full Short Sale Package including Application

The Seller's "Short Sale Package" is everything a real estate professional or distressed homeowner will need in order to set up a short sale with us. Watch out! This is more than 50 pages with information for the seller about the short sale as well as a whole package of forms to assist you in the short sale process.

Short Sale Package without the application.

This is just the information on making an application for a short sale. An application package would need to be downloaded separately.

Checklist of Needed Documents

This checklist will help ensure that nothing that is needed for the negotiations are missed and that our negotiators can move forward quickly upon receipt of your file.

What to Expect from Your Short Sale

Help both your buyer and seller know what to expect by setting the appropriate expectations right up front.

Non-Judicial Foreclosure Timeline

A simple timeline for a non-judicial foreclosure in the State of Washington.