Short Sales

Many Washington homeowners have found themselves in the difficult situation of needing relief in the form of restructured debt or by selling their real property for less than they owe on it.  McFerran Law is the premier attorney short sale negotiation practice in the State of Washington with 1,000s of satisfied homeowners finding real solutions and real relief through our consultations.
Leverage the power of our attorneys to effectively represent you or your clients and actually get your short sale transactions closed. Don’t settle for LESS than attorney representation. Protect yourself and your clients.

McFerran Law has been providing excellent legal representation, advice and services for more than twenty five years. The firm has established a tradition of providing quality legal service with the highest level of professional and ethical standards.

The Experience of our Team of over 27 Attorneys and Legal Professionals

Our highly skilled real estate attorneys have lengthy experience in a variety of practice areas, and serve the needs of both our individual and business clients efficiently and effectively. We give each one of our clients our full attention, and strive to ensure that they feel comfortable and at ease. Our clients like working with a medium sized law firm that provides large-firm services at a reasonable cost.

Not only do we have the legal knowledge and skills to deliver the finest services to our clients in a professional manner, but our attorneys and staff are also personable and caring. The entire staff takes pride in providing personalized service to our clients to meet their individual legal needs.

We emphasize direct personal contact, responsiveness, attention to detail, and accessibility. Our attorneys and support staff will do everything necessary to keep you informed and knowledgeable about your particular legal problem:

  • We listen to you
  • We return your phone calls promptly
  • We regularly report to you on the status and progress of your case

In short, it is our core commitment to focus on each client’s individual background, needs, and goals. We always start and end with you.


The Attorney Consultation with the Seller as a Cornerstone to our Short Sale Involvement

Our success ratio in closing short sale transactions is better than 90%.  The primary reason for our success is the requirement that EVERY seller must have a consultation with one of our Senior Real Estate Attorneys before we begin.

In that consultation we will look at every aspect that is of concern for that client.  A short sale is not always the best answer for clients.  We will cover:

  • Short Sales
  • Bankruptcy
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Foreclosure
  • Strategic Walkaways
  • Loan Modifications
  • Foreclosure Fairness Act
  • Credit Impact Issues
  • Tax Implications

If a short sale is in the client’s best interest then we will be happy to negotiate it for them OR provide them with the information they need in order to facilitate the successful negotiation by a real estate professional.

Set up a $150 Consultation


We understand that our clients come from all over the region so we have six convenient locations to serve you.

Seattle: 1833 N. 105th St, Suite 101, Seattle, WA  98133
Kent: 24837 104th Ave Suite 101, Kent, WA 98030
Tacoma: 3906 S. 74th St. Tacoma, WA   98409
Silverdale: 3100 Bucklin Hill Rd. Suite 234, Silverdale, WA 98383