Landlord & Tenant Practice

Hardly a week goes by where our firm is not called upon to assist a landlord in a tenant concern or in enforcing a lease obligation.  We are proud of the practical approach we take in these matters.  Most of our attorneys are landlords themselves, and understand the legal requirements and the practicalities of being a landlord.  We have assisted landlords with drafting, modifying and transferring or terminating leases in both residential and commercial contexts.  We recognize the distinct differences in these areas both in statute and real world application.  We know that Washington courts and laws are often hyper-technical in their approach to landlord/tenant law.

We also recognize that often times disputes between landlords and tenants can be resolved without necessarily having to resort to the termination of tenancy.  Our attorneys can also help owners and property managers with formation of legal entities to hold property or to serve as the legal person to perform the duties of property management while establishing liability protection.

And yes, when it becomes necessary, we can help landlords with the eviction process in a timely and cost efficient manner.

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