Construction Law Practice

New construction poses a challenge to builders and clients as it is difficult for the plans, specifications and contracts to fully express the desires and expectations of the parties.

The attorneys in our firm have assisted individuals and builders in the drafting and review and enforcement of construction contracts.  We work hard to ensure that your contract is precise and clear to help avoid ambiguity.  The importance of a solid construction contract that protects your interests cannot be overstated.

We have dealt with lien issues and, in fact, have taught lien law classes to other professionals.  The law in this area is technical and leaves little room for “substantial compliance”, if a lien is necessary, the timelines are strict and the need for accuracy is critical.  Our attorneys have successfully pursued and defended construction liens and are available to consult on such matters.

We also know that building can be a stressful undertaking and that many times disputes can be resolved without litigation. We encourage our clients to consider these alternatives, so they can remain focused on their project.  However, we recognize that sometimes litigation is the only way to get the issue resolved, and we have the experience to take your matter to court when necessary.

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