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McFerran Law’s focus on real estate law matters naturally extends to matters involving construction law. In fact, McFerran Law has expanded greatly with involvement in the property improvement area over these many years. Our attorneys are highly experienced in resolving construction law disputes, anywhere from formal litigation to, in many cases, a negotiated settlement.

What is a Contractor Dispute?

A contractor dispute in Washington State can occur in a wide variety of circumstances. In many cases, it involves a property owner or homeowners dispute with a contractor. In our practice, we find that a contractor dispute can arise between a number of different parties:

  • General Contractors
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Real Estate Investors
  • Commercial Lessees
  • Developers
  • Architects
  • Contractor’s Suppliers
  • Property Owners
  • Design Professionals
  • Property Flippers

Typical cases involve contractor mismanagement, negligence and neglect including contractors walking off the job.


What Kind of Disputes does McFerran Law Handle?

Our firm focuses on the individual client. Most of our clients are not large national corporations. We primarily focus on disputes with individual contractors and individual property owners.  McFerran Law, P.S. has handled disputes with contractors, builders, sub-contractor, designers and developers involving remodels, new construction, property flipping and related matters.

One of the most typical type of contractor cases involves mechanic liens in both residential and commercial arenas. Mechanics lien cases typically arise out of an underlying dispute with a contractor or sub-contractor who has not been paid, combined with a property owner dissatisfied with the work ot completed in a workmanlike fashion.

This statue in Washington state is very powerful legally for the contractor as it allows them to exert tremendous pressure on the property owner in some cases without legal authority. Our firm has had great success over the years in allowing property owners the ability to overcome such inappropriate and illegal contractor activity.


Do We Represent Contractors or Property Owners?

McFerran Law represents both contractors and property owners. Over the many years, however, we have seen that more often than not we are hired by property owners to assist them to resolve the dispute with a contractor. Our office prides itself on our success in removing mechanics liens; resolve billing disputes, and deal with contractor license and bond claims.

Examples of Common Contractor Law Disputes Include:

Homeowner and Remodeling Contractor where the contractor has not lived up to the homeowner’s performance standards: timing, quality of work and warranty.

  • Homeowner and a supplier where the supplier is delayed in delivering needed items to timely complete the project.
  • Homeowner who has purchased a property from a “flipper” only to discover defects and that remodeled work was completed without obtaining a permit.
  • Homeowner and Remodeling Contractor where parties have discovered serious unforeseen circumstances affecting the cost of completing the project.


We Welcome the Opportunity to Consult with You on Your Contractor Dispute Matter

Our contractor dispute attorneys at McFerran Law always have slots open in their daily schedule to meet with clients on new real estate matters. In many cases that one initial consultation can address all the needs of a client on a particular real estate, business, probate or tax deferred exchange matter.

We do not provide free consultations (except in the 1031 tax deferred exchange practice area). We pride ourselves that a single initial one-hour consultation will provide most clients all the information they need to move forward with their legal matter. We don’t have to research, investigate or learn about real estate law matters. Our attorneys can answer on the spot in that initial consultation most real estate questions you may have as they have over 35 years of experience. They only do real estate and matters related to real estate!


McFerran Law has a Special $150 New Matter Consultation Rate

Our contractor dispute attorneys can meet with you by phone, Zoom or in our office for an up to a one-hour time period to go over, in detail, your legal matter and generally provide you valuable legal information to assist you in your individual situation. If your matter will require additional services, your attorney will generally be able to provide you an estimate for such services as well.


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