Civil Litigation & Appeals Law Practice

There comes a time in many matters where the only way to resolve the dispute or obtain relief is to pursue a lawsuit.  Our attorneys have litigated in State and Federal Courts and have worked in alternative dispute resolution forums including mediation and arbitration.  We have pursued trials and appeals including an appearance in Washington’s Supreme Court.

Litigation is a demanding endeavor that places a strain on all involved.  It is unpredictable; one cannot always foretell the response or tactics of the opponent.  Litigation is expensive in financial, time and emotional terms.  Pursuing litigation, whether as a defendant or a plaintiff, requires solid legal counsel to help you make decisions about your case.  We bear in mind that the case is always your case and while you can count on us to provide you counsel and recommendations, you ultimately decide how to proceed with your case.   Experience has taught us that litigation is a complex tangle of legal, financial, emotional, and practical issues that can easily confuse clients.  We know that while we will put a great deal of energy, expertise and effort into your matter, you will ultimately live with the outcome.  Therefore, we strive to ensure you understand these issues so you can make well-informed decisions about the conduct of your case with which you can be comfortable.

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