As indicated in writings in other practice areas, our firm is engaged in all aspects of real estate transactions. It stands to reason that we would have “in-house” a fully staffed stand-alone escrow department to close transactions where in our attorneys are involved. It allows us to be a one-stop shop for clients and they appreciate that and we have done so now for over 35 years.

It’s a natural extension that business purchase & sale transactions should be a part of our practice from counseling, negotiating, drafting documents and even closing the transaction. Our business opportunity attorneys are always at the top of their game.

The term “business opportunity” is used in the marketplace generally to refer to an operating business and, in most cases, speaks of sales and purchases of operating businesses to be “business opportunity transactions”. The business may or may not own real estate. Our attorneys are accomplished with both kinds of transactions.


What Role our Attorneys Play in Business Transactions

Our attorneys are accustomed to clients who are business owners whether they own real estate along with the business or not. We generally have clients that are small to medium-size business owners who have needs far different than their regional or national corporate counterparts. Our clients are business owners who are daily involved in the operation of their business.


We play an integral role in counseling and assisting the business entrepreneur at the stage of starting the business. Our attorneys counsel and assist in forming the best legal enterprise that will provide our business client legal protection, but still allow growth to occur. Our business attorneys are there to counsel and advise when operating difficulties arise and can assist our business clients during rough patches in their operation.


You Have a Full-Service Escrow Department Right in Your Law Office?

In addition, we assist when our client wants to buy or sell a business and that is where our law firm stands out from the rest. Generally, title company escrow departments do not want to close business transactions as they really require attorney expertise and escrow people at title companies are not attorneys.

Most law firms do not have a full escrow department. Even other law firms in the Northwest that focus on real estate and business matters, do not provide escrow services. Our firm stands out in that regard.


Some of the Types of Matters Our Escrow Handles Include:

  • Commercial Business Closings
  • Commercial Real Estate Closings
  • Residential Refinance Closings
  • Option Agreement Closing’s
  • Court Ordered Settlement Closings
  • Tax-Deferred Exchange Closings
  • Residential Real Estate Closings
  • Business Opportunity Closings
  • Commercial Refinance Closings
  • Lease/Purchase Agreement Closings
  • Stock Sale Closings
  • Equipment Sale Escrow Closings
  • Mobile Home Escrow Closings


McFerran Law is a full-service escrow department staffed with industry professionals ready to serve you. It has been open continuously for over 35 years. We have seen it all:  large deals, small deals. Complicated escrows are our specialty.


Recently We Have Handled Escrows Involving:

  • Commercial Retail Building
  • Stock Sale of Gas Station
  • Sale of Dry Cleaners
  • Sale of Tool Manufacturers
  • SBA Refinances
  • Sale of Restaurants
  • Sale of Food Preparation Plant
  • Sale of Office-Supply Business
  • Sale of Property Management Company
  • Sale of Food Franchise
  • Sale of Residential Refinancing
  • Sale of Advertising Agency
  • Sale of Escrow Business
  • Sale of Accounting Firm
  • Sale of Title Insurance Company


We Welcome the Opportunity to Consult with You on
Your Business Opportunity Purchase & Sale Matter

Our escrow attorneys at McFerran Law always have slots open in their daily schedule to meet with clients on new real estate matters. In many cases that one initial consultation can address all the needs of a client on a particular real estate, business, probate or tax deferred exchange matter.

We do not provide free consultations (except in the 1031 tax deferred exchange practice area). We pride ourselves that a single initial one-hour consultation will provide most clients all the information they need to move forward with their legal matter. We don’t have to research, investigate or learn about real estate law matters. Our attorneys can answer on the spot in that initial consultation most real estate questions you may have as they have over 35 years of experience. They only do real estate and matters related to real estate!


McFerran Law has a Special $150 New Matter Consultation Rate 

Our escrow attorneys can meet with you by phone, Zoom or in our office for an up to a one-hour time period to go over, in detail, your legal matter and generally provide you valuable legal information to assist you in your individual situation. If your matter will require additional services, your attorney will generally be able to provide you an estimate for such services as well.



It is Easy to Set Up an Initial Consultation with McFerran Law

Just call our offices at (253) 471-1200; or email us on our contact page, or text us at (253) 405-7637 and we will schedule a one-hour consultation for you. You will not need to wait weeks or longer to meet with one of our attorneys as we block out a number of appointment options daily. We know that being quickly responsive to your real estate needs is important to you.

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