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For over thirty-five (35) years, the attorneys at McFerran Law have dedicated themselves to real estate law. We are unique as we have one focus: Real Estate Law. This focused expertise sets us apart from most law firms who engage in literally every type of law.

Our focus on real estate has set us apart from other real estate attorneys in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Others may dabble in real estate, but our practice is exclusively real estate for over thirty-five (35) years giving us a depth and level of experience which other law firms can only envy.

That focus on real estate is intentionally broad based. It encompasses more than you might imagine. Our practice includes ancillary areas of practice associated with real estate: estate planning, business formation, 1031 tax deferred exchanges, and probate matters. We think you will agree, all of these ancillary areas of practice tie in really well with real estate.

We are both real estate transaction attorneys as well as real estate litigators. Clients come to us seeking assistance in buying, selling, financing, exchanging, escrow closing of real estate and many matters wherein we assist in designing the transaction in order to provide our clients the best experience. However, we don’t send our clients away when they need to use the legal systems to protect their rights. Sometimes real estate disputes occur and we are ready to help and assist.

As practiced and experienced real estate litigators, we represent clients involved in breach of contracts, fraudulent concealment, boundary line disputes, trespass, construction defects, water well issues, timber trespass, and title defects. We handle landlord-tenant and property management issues. There is no routine case at McFerran Law, P.S. Instead, we develop a case-specific approach that focuses on our client’s goals. Our real estate attorneys are constantly crafting new and creative legal strategies to allow our clients to achieve the best possible result.

Looking for a real estate attorney in Washington State? While our attorneys are based in Tacoma, Washington, we provide real estate transaction and litigation representation  throughout the State of Washington.

Our over thirty-five (35) years of legal experience in State of Washington real estate matters has allowed us to see similar transactions and similar court cases time and time again. In short, we don’t need to get educated on real estate law – we have already been there and have already done that!

Unfortunately, some real estate matters can’t be resolved except by going to Court. Our group of real estate attorneys appears in court regularly or by video conference (during COVID-19) for motions, hearings, arbitrations, settlement conferences, and trials.


Consult With A Top Real Estate Attorney

Whether it be planning for a real estate transaction, closing the transaction, or involvement in real estate litigation, McFerran Law, P.S. is ready to provide you with an energetic result-oriented consultation that has led to an enormous amount of success since the firm’s founding over thirty-five (35) years ago.

We know that attorney services are expensive. We also know that it is difficult as you search for an attorney to assist you to pay a high price just to see if those attorney services are justified and cost effective.

Generally, we don’t offer free consultations. However, in one area of our real estate practice involving 1031 tax deferred exchanges, we do offer a free consultation.  Some firms in areas, like personal injury, provide a free initial consultation; but it is really an opportunity for those firms to see whether they want to take the case as they work on a contingency fee basis. Our philosophy is that we want to provide value from minute number one and a huge number of our new clients are satisfied and their legal needs met, with only an initial one-hour consultation. While we generally do not work on contingency fee, we do provide a special  reduced rate for our initial consultation.

We provide an up to one-hour initial consultation, whether in office, phone, or Zoom, for a fixed fee of $150.00. For many clients with a real estate issue, we are able to assist them fully and send them on their way with just a single consultation. Many clients have over the years said it was the best $150.00 that they have ever spent.

What do you do next? Call us at (253) 471-1200, email us at or fill in the information on the “Contact Us” page of this site. You can also text us at (253) 405-7637.

Our Practice Areas

  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges (Nationwide Services)
  • Estate Planning: Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney
  • Purchase/Sale Disputes and Litigation
  • Specific Performance disputes and Litigation
  • Purchase/Sale Disputes and Litigation
  • Specific Performance disputes and Litigation
  • Lease Drafting: Residential and Commercial
  • Probates: Administration, Disputes and Litigation
  • Easements Negotiations and Drafting
  • Real Estate Disputes and Litigation
  • Title Insurance Claim Representation
  • Easement and Boundary Line Disputes and Litigation
  • Real Estate Partition Disputes and Litigation
  • Construction Disputes and Litigation
  • Purchase and Sale Negotiations and Drafting: Residential and Commercial
  • Business Entity Formation: Corporations and LLC’s
  • Quiet Title Disputes and Litigation
  • Foreclosures: Non-Judicial and Court Actions
  • Unlawful Detainer/Evictions: Residential and Commercial
  • Business Opportunity Escrow Closings
  • Trial Attorneys: Representation at Trial

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"Thank you all at McFerran for your professional services, for your patience with newbies to the 1031 exchange process, and now, for your Final Letter. You helped make the process understandable and easy. All the best."

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